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“KIKAS” is a luxury makeup brand that was founded by model Kim Edri in 2020. Kim has set herself the goal of understanding consumer expectations and anticipating the fashion trend a few steps ahead, incorporating makeup products and connecting them to the fashion world by being an international model herself.

A little about Kim
In 2011 Kim participated in the Israel Beauty Queen competition and won the coveted title of “Girl of Israel”. Shortly afterwards, she represented Israel in the international Miss Universe pageant in Brazil. This representation caused a significant springboard in Kim’s modelling career that lasted about a decade.
Kim has worked and lived in London, Milan, Paris, Switzerland, Sweden, Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands, Miami, New York and more. During the years of her career, Kim met and was taught by the best make-up artists in Israel and around the world. At the same time she absorbed inspirations and techniques, sucked art and various trends from the world of fashion and makeup in an attempt to connect the two biggest passions in her life.
Kim broke into the world of makeup and founded the brand “KIKAS”.
“Different women same KIKAS”
Kim’s vision is to create a shared identity among all her clients. Carefully selected and tested products are likened to shining stars. It’s goal is to create a hallmark between each and every one in creating a prestigious makeup brand that advocates uncompromisingly high product quality, with an emphasis on developing quality and unique formulas, impeccably beautiful products, ease of use and accessibility of professional makeup. Both for personal and professional use.
KIKAS flagship products are the winning trio for face-shimmer, contour and blush. The lipstick line is a big success and A complete line of makeup and grooming products on the way to you.
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know all about Kikas